Friday, June 26, 2009


52 words


I finally found out what's my typing speed. I was stumped that day when I had to fill out a form to register with Achieve Agency for my temp job this hols. One part of the form inquired abt my typing speed. LOL i nvr tested it b4 so I left it blank. I told Ivan they all, if I calculated from the time I needed to fin a 1500 word essay, I write at abt 4 words / minute. LOL


yeah bought at T3 Candy $$ = $30 (excluding GST, wic amt to $2.10!) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vigilant SMRT staff

Yest I was stopped by a staff member upon exiting at Raffles Place in the morning on the way to work. He asked for my EZ link card. Still in my morning daze, I flipped out my wallet n picked out my NUS tertiary card for him. He 'OKed' me n I walked off. LOL. Shuda ask him why. Perhaps he tot I was abusing subsidised pre-tertiary students cards haha. I tinks its the moustache n goatee that Im trying to grow ( or grown). Prob tinks im sme adult trying to cheat SMRT $$. Then maybe he had forgotten abt tertiary student cards for the more laojiao students.....
THEN when I was going home from Raffles Place, I was drinking a small bottle of Sunkist orange juice. Wanting to top-up my farecard, I joined the queues at the machines. Lo n Behold, there was a staff member there, "Sir no drinking at the station". I looked up n the numerous "FINE" signs are everywhere n staring at me. Funny I dun recall them being there. I tot it was OK to drink before entering thru the gates. Apparently noT! I 'orhed' him n walked back up the escalators n dropped the bottle in a bin. All happening on a Monday........yawnz

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Assquest (one Sat nite in the middle of semester 2 08/09....or wassit fri)

Bus ride back to AMk from east coast. 6amplus

A bench sit wif Einstein n some1 else, somewhere along east coast, near the 'attas' housing.

Silliness at the bus stop, directed him into this pose, he was covering Mark Lee

Me n Cameraman

The team at SG river, near Bank of China i tink

Fell aslp halfway during photoshoot, cameraman edison too enthu leh...

Fancy lights

Wif Flash

Team at one of the checkpts, at one bridge near Clarke Quay i tink

One of the organisers wanted to take some pix of us for her personal use, in which I questioned her abt the exact meaning of her line, confirming my suspicions


Taking a break near NUS Law Campus

Damn hungry, by the time it was 3 or 4 am, since we started at 9pm, I tink we were the only team to stop for food

NUSSU guy that my fren knoes

Fancy Church whose Cross changes colours, near serangoon - whitley there.

Note his yellow bikequest singlet, the participants got a white one.

NUS crowd, got a fair no of exchange ppl, the briefing guy (the NUssu person in charge) did a fair military style briefing in the similar style n voice connotations. Some Indian nationals kept interrupting him n asking him qns, answers wic were in the back pages of the briefing paper we got, in wic the speaker was trying to get to that part of the briefing...quite funny...cus the Nussu guy was trying hard not to roll his eyes in exasperation

one of his frens in our team, cameraman didnt have his picture taken

My BMT section buddy. Nt my buddy-buddy the pair one, but in the section. If u see him one day, ask him wat he calls me by......

Pressies from my dearest ones,

N they got a $100 Funzsquare,( or wateva that gameshop in amkhub is called), in which i duly squandered on 2 games, COH Tales of Valour and Stars Wars Unleashed wic are not shown here cus they were quite shortlived, if not disappointing........sadz.....

Bicycle Horn. Rj said that I complained ppl ignored my bell, so they got this. #(*$(* LOUD. Tried it at home.

The 'Cake' So thats where Sinling n Clara went to? Issnt it?

Wish my days are like dat........

NUS The Deck Huo Kuo!

Bike Escapades

Books u find in Central Library

3 Mentally Handicapped Bo Liao Ppl on a Walk

NUS Subway

Our final destination

A pretty bush in one of the greenhouses of Hortpark

The bridge b4 Hortpark

Cant resist using the large leaf to do the classic 'shelter thyself' wif a vegetative appendage

The walkways among the trees

It looks like a hand sheltering the walkway from my vantage pt

The other 2 ppl, apparently after army every1 is alittle bit crazy

Henderson Wave n its height

Tinks thats Sentosa

The start of our 3-4hr walk, starting from Vivocity....reaching the top of Mt Faber, we spotted our 1st sign