Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Sept 2009

hmm hmm been seeing examples of PAR lately in the past evenings at sch. Audi A4 going round the sch for joyriding, a gal driving, wif a guy in the co-seat, prob trying to impress. A convertible wif flashy headlights, neon lights n playing songs loudly. hmm hmm n to tink I walked from sch to Clementi mrt..... skipped lectures to read up my stuff n something interesting happened. I was interviewd by a Taiwanese graduate student doing research in SG, abt local politics. If any1 who is reading this, u prob would have been approached for help in being an interviewee by now...haha OH YA was in the toilet n some poor girl made a mistake n came in. Tink I was quite visible...I heard some noise and turn ard just in time to see a fleeing yellow jersey. N in just those cases when the brain rems little details, I recalled the owner was a gal i spotted earlier in the lib. Hoping to sastify my curiousity, I hurriedly washed my hands n exited to try spot the jersey. Lo n behold, a girl in yellow jersey was in a sort of a panic dashing back to her frens. To really affirm my suspicions, (n to rub it in), I asked the grp whether did she enter the wrong toilet wic they confirmed. I noted in passing 'I saw her doing so' n left. I shud have said I was in the toilet when I did! N a sidenote, I saw the 'lingerie-xposing' lead that other day, I wondered if the event was remembered as well as I did by the lead. hmmhmmm

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Entry 06 September 2009

Wk 4 of sch now. Things picking up. Just finished a presentation, stayed back in sch till 1-2am to finish it. Had a very nervous presentation. Hate presentation n stuff. Have to keep adding in pts after the presentation cus I left em out. haha. Borrowed tons of books but nt really finishing em. Have to start doing essays now. Feeling alot mindblank on how to start. Have to kickstart my mind soon. Time running out. Brain seemd to have degraded. Cant seem to b able to grasp higher level concepts n express my ideads properly in class. Shud be more concise than to speak out my ideas in a rush. go to be more disciplined. Wish there were more free days to sit dwn n read all the books. Going to classes really takes lots of time n energy. Lots of time spent to find books too. Hmm tired now