Monday, May 28, 2007

Cycling Trip oN 27 May 2007

Kranji Tidal Gates

I actually wanted to cycle to jurong east but i didnt plan the route ahead n GOT LOST!
Hence i Cycled ard madly in Kranji Industrial Estate,following BUS 925 which i spotted the bus sign indicating it ends at CHOA CHU KANG INTerChange yeaH!

Unwittingly,the bus route was CHANGED and i FOLLOWEd THE WRONG ONE!
I ended up at Kranji Reservoir and beyond!......(Lim Chu Kang Rd....Neo Tiew Cres/Rd).....

Fishing Spot!

If i went on cycling,i would have reach SUngeI GEDONG!!!!! After going past at least 3 dairy farms n countless floral and horti farms, i decided to turn back home for dinnER! (esp so after seeing lightning flashing in the distance----actually over at malaysia.......which was pretty near)

Almost GOt LOST

Cycling Past the Reservoir the 2nd time on the way, i try to hurry back home wif a pair of ligament injured n tired legs.....(had to walk up a slope after Kranji Mrt....embrassing, an uncle wif cycling attire n helmet went up easily up the same slope on the other side of the road....)


Started at 3:47pm at the crossroads at my house, i was cycling thru Admiralty Mrt n the stretch of roads going ard 6:30plus?????? (Too tired to care abt time,only looked at the darkening sky n grumbling stomach n cramping legs n thighs...)
Cycling thru the colours-lined stretch of pavement all the way home,across a bridge back home Just in TIMe for Dinner!
Next up to cycle to JURONG EAst to GET WAN KUEY!