Thursday, March 31, 2005

'Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours' - Richard Bach

GOING TO ARMY....for all my life,have been anticipating this,reading on n on abt army life of others(no Singapore's),of their escapades,n their comradeship among each other in life n death. True enough, I have found many frens in such liking,yet not thru the test of war, which holds above all.
BMT is something I am gonna make difficult for myself..(my abysmal fitness:(,not others to me.But life is truly spectacular,there will be ppl who in spite of themselves,caused pain n sorrow among others....
NCC is parttime compared to NS,thought NS have pay...(though somewat pitiful),being a optimist(which i tink i am), all paths hold something which none have in common,hences all paths have their own intrinsic value...
Pity i cant go thru BMT wif chek,it would be damn Funny...(surfing birds n indian song comes into mind)Also cant go thru it wif some of my buds(benji n all in amkss n our dearest yet fanatic n quidessential cranky Sebestian)
I swear to myself that i wont come out using 'fuck' n 'cheebye' or others after BMT.(see wat happen to benji n desmond).since im going SCH 1,LOL,shuld be little less tough...hope more training then physical workout..i seem to work better when theres a goal yet indirectly physically.
Perharps in SIT test,i get to apply wat i have been reading all the years(in lieu of schwork). I MUst surpass the chums from the top schs(no doubt SCH 1 will be filled wif those),militarily.....hopes there's no egoistic ppl...or those vying for leadership...i tink i hav some of those in me....5 KIA...!REALLY KIA!
Hope to get into OCS or at least SISpec,,dun wan to do anything else lah.....dun care if have to carry two MGs....not everyone have the chance to carry to MGs!sounds fun...
then gonna get a wife without having a girlfren sound fun bathing n no wateva(im a regular shitter),though im afraid to catch skin probs,just like skin's SNAFU enuff.....
i can tok forever in blogs......

'When You have to kill a man,It Costs nothing to be Polite' -W.Churchill

A SPOOF ON SOME SONGS I Knw,tink some would recognise them.



Monday, March 07, 2005

Somethings abt myself.....quizzes n queerer

Found these things from my frenz blog,she seem to be full of these!

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.
Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.
You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!
People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

You Are From the Sun

Of all your friends, you're the shining star.
You're dramatic - loving attention and the spotlight.
You're a totally entertainer and the life of the party.
Watch out! The Sun can be stubborn, demanding, and flirty.
Overall, you're a great leader and great friend. The very best!

You Are a Drama Princess (or Prince)

(You are more dramatic than 40% of the population.)

You're not over the top dramatic, but you have your moments.

You know how to steal the spotlight...

And how to act out to get your way.

People around you know that you're good for a laugh.

But at times, your drama gets a bit too much for everyone.

Tone it down a tad, and you'll still be the center of attention.

You Belong in New Zealand

Good on ya, mate

You're the best looking one of the bunch

Though you're often forgotten...

You're quite proud of who you are

How Your Attitude Ranks

Your Attitude is Better than 85% of the Population

If you scored...

80-100: You've got a winner attitude. You're always optimistic and cheery. Your personality will get you far in life.

60-79: You have a good attitude. While a realist, you do see the positive side of most things. People love to be around you.

40 - 59: You have a positive attitude... somtimes. You prefer to see the world through clear glasses, not rose colored ones.

20 - 39: You have an average attitude. You take the good and bad in life as they come. Though sometimes you could use a little more good.

0-19: You have a negative attitude. You tend to see the dark side of every situation. Free ice cream? No thanks, it will just make you fat!

You Are a German Shepherd Puppy

Intelligent, quick witted, and a bit aggressive.
You've got the jaw power to take a bite out of anyone you choose.

You Are A Romantic Realist

You are more romantic than 40% of the population.

You tend to be grounded when it comes to romance.
Sure, you can fall hard... but only for someone you've gotten to know.
And once you're in love, you can be a total romantic goofball...
But you'd never admit it to your friends!

Your Passion is Pink

Innocent and naive, you approach sex with a virginal mindset.
You tend to enjoy teasing and flaunting much more than actual sex.
You're a notorious flirt, and you can pick up anyone you desire.
As a result, your reputation is a lot steamier than your real sex life.

You Are 50% Extrovert, 50% Introvert

You're a bit outgoing, a bit reserved

Like most people, you enjoy being social

But you also value the time you have alone

You have struck a good balance!

You Are 19 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

You Belong in 1974


If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Crap!hope internet explorer dun illegal op again halfway writing my stuff!!

Work WOrk WOrk!
Feeling like the ppl in wc3,RON,those little ppl in the rts games,neverending work.....
Does any1 tink im a veri hardworking ppl? it seems today,(feb2,wed), i showed to the other promoters that im one,when i refused dinner wif them to finish my work(stacking some stuff) hmm....
had dinner later myself,fin it in abt 10mins n when back to work again... one of the guys walk past, n was astonished i am starting working again,as i told i just had dinner awhile asked me to relax....haha....feel so diff had asked me to relax b4..certaintly not my mother...why my jc ppl tink im the lazest ppl ard....snoozing all the time.....haha

feel so out of the group of the other promoters,all still studying or waiting for "o" levels results,feeling weird being one step ahead...feeling old n more mature haha...well they were chatting n joking ard on the job...i kept a standard of work in mind,not chatting much ...hhaha tink they see me too hardworking scared or awed dun dare to tok wif me....dun hav much to tok anyway ,nuthing in common though left btw us only a few years.....

tink they feel got more time ahead of them,im short of being a legal adult now,(got 1 guy same age as me,carlsberg guy,but dun tink he tinking same as me...he ite ,diff exp from us,not looking down on him...just weary...)
we now have to decide university,career and all the crap time left......after work more student days left.....must act like a not so young adult.....
known my sec sch mates for 7-8 yrs..liao...pri sch buddy more than 10 yrs...ahaha some more years become middle aged more idol....celeb gossip,or BGR chitchat n wondering abt the affairs of wat...bills....transport fees...CPF,medishield,,marriage (lol too early),all the crap....
now the gatherings we have almost not like b4,,,where we dicussed all hte teen stuff ,BGR*again*....schwork(dont see so much now,compared to working) teachers being crappy,lessons the dicussions are done wif a pang of doubt of our future.....always ask"wat u doing now,future?" "wat are yur plans?" " career choice?" "signing bonds?" "further studies?" "how yur parents?" "im depended on to help out the family,," "wats yur pay ? " ahaha
last time,student
"wanna pongtang?" copy homework...tok cock...mug for studies....becoming memories,sch life...rather pre-tertiary sch life....wonder hows university like? must make a note to ask the girls nxt time.....
everyone looking less kiddish now...looking more weary n tired (of life?) always looking for a way to sidestep our next path in life.....
feeling like im doing odd jobs at home,being asked to do everything...clean floor,help brother ,help mother,find job....dun play com...go sleep....come home early,dun sleep late...all being asked within a minute....not enuff time even for my brain synapses to reach my toe to ask it to stretch.....
how i envy the schkids now....without worry..(not so much)....without much uncertainty,they still got sch to finish....can play ard....fool ard....
Come end Feb,early March....must play dice again...Life Event Roll.....

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Happy New Year?

New Year didnt seem to happy this year....Hope the ppl of Aceh,Sri Lanka,Somalia,India,Thailand and the much unnoticed Myanmar can get on wif their lives n recover their livelihood as soon as possible.....And also the island resort of Maldives and the numerous smaller islands hit by the tsunami......
I agree wif the fears of Mr Kofi Annam (did I get it correct?) in demanding the donating countries promises in the aid packages of millions of $$......One article show particularly how some countries didnt live up to their promises,but notably it was the western countries that did so...(or so it seem that the western countries do so more frequently n hence are in the limelight more...)hopefully it would not repeat again.....
it is disappointing that some countries are vying for political influcence or status quo by showing the world how helpful they proud of Singapore doing her bit wif no underlying strings attached....As quoted by an uncle in the news yesterday....he was proud of LKY N LHL of governing the country well n able to come up wif such substantial sum of money n assets to aid our neighbours........

Back to my life,the ants life.....on how new year aws celebrated
this yr wasnot a great bash aas before,as news of the tsunami disaster filtered dwn tio the populace...we (5 guys n 6 gals) went to esplanade to have a not so happeningly was certainly downplayed by the atmosphere and we almost forgot to countdown as there was no rise of voices or clamour as b4.....the midnight went away quietly wif no throaty countdowns as such..the only way of checking the new yr was thru our watches......
no more students of some sec schs nor as youthful as before ,some of us decided to have an early night...only some of us felt reluctant thru past newyear eve habits taht we decided to stay the night...but wif no program we wander ard aimlessly as we escorted the gals to their busstops n pickups...leaving the group wif 5 guys n 1 gal...being old frenz it didnt seem to me much...(of 7 yrs?) we mingle ard the downtown,looking for places to hang out...some was too happening,short of being too rowdy for our liking.....(oops forgot to mention we bought or rather me n 2 frenz bought 8 bottles of Jack Daniels,Old No.7 Brand)
the lady got a lobang for a house party of a Church fren...but woah.....wat it became later....
the place was just behind Yishun Junior College --'Students of Yiishunn Junioorr Collegge!!'
I being No2 bodyguard of 2/3 grp...tag along though i aint no lover of such party...(sleazy it became...)one of the guys went home for he had ns stuff the next morn
booze was rampant,so was emotions and desiress, we the old guard...(the 4 guys) was the only bastion of uprightness n integrity that night....(thought the bastion fell asleep,desmond n tan goldcome-wen)we didnt touch anything there save the playstation 2(wif nfs underground2),me n chek drank our JDs....
we were supposed to look after our lady fren,but the playstation proved too much an of the guys...came about,hugs our shoulders(chek n me playing ps.....) "Stop the games ,man,get into the girls behind...they are all for you....."" lol i could only mumbled an 'ORH" while chek stoned at me.....we stop the game off the ps...n stood ......"do wat now???" being gentlemen(rather being terrified...)we decided to walk ard the estate to finish our last two bottles of JD(we had 6,rikki took two home).....CHEK U BASTARD U HAVEN PAY ME BACK!!!!!!!
we walk out the estate n chanced upon a mcdonalds drive thru .....then i suggested to chek we 'drive' over to them n order chek for more details...*horn*horn*)
we tehn return to the place n sat dwn.....somehow we got into seesha.....(the device is called hookah,but the act is called shisha or sheesha or assorted names)
we got into a chat wif 2 of the girls(delirious ppl)., one of them called chek nicholas thrice and im joanne's bro...(the lady fren)
the owner of the seesha came later,(we were outside,out at the porch bside the driveway),we chatted ard..abt life n such,,being polite...we obliged to the owner's request in trying the seesha...( i only had a few puffs wif little success of doing it properly...dun wan to try so much anyway)
tan goldcome kept puffing the damn thing,splewing out more smoke than an exhaust pipe of a car..!!
then we had to drag jo out of the place without much success due to the punk taht was wif her.....only till late morning did we succed wif the help of angie......
then we all went home to prepare for a jo's birthday party on the same night(1 jan...)boy was it tiring.....had to use adult fare......
bought the wrong thing for her,didnt know she was trying to quit smking......all the party involved in the present got a lashing from 2/3 high command.....(namely ssl)
went for the party(a pyjamas party,i didnt obey this time,came in normal shorts) the rest were in pyjamas,quite a sight,seeing ppl's parents in pyjamas.....n everything else....somehow it seemed normal to me...played more house games,didnt participate...gain immunity for the efforts on night of 31 dec mahjong for most of the time....watched Aliens the movie for the late night.....(3pm to 5pm)watched des 's video tape of his trip in taiwan n the recording of the countdown.....fell asleep at ard 6.........waked up at 8-9plus...had breakfast(rather leftovers from the night b4) wif tea(marks n spencers) then it started pouring till 1pm while we(me ivan chek n benji) play mahjong till tehn,in which we got *(#&*(#& bored n braved the rain wif benji to go home.........HAHHA longest blog i had written......thnks for reading......

Christmas Day

Well i dun celebrate christmas...but a couple of my old frenz invited me to a party at one of theirs place..i made some tangyuans...(glutinous rice balls)wif some guys...but it was wasted of in the end only the ppl who stayed overnight cook n ate themm..........
dressed simlpy....i went wif some si dang ppl (old buds) to the place.....n meet more frenz that we have lost contact came jokes on life...asking ard...chatting abt our lifepaths n progress n it seems the guys in sort of limbo now.....waiting for ns to fin n cont on uni or something......the gals are already in unis n going on wif their life.....aint thought of asking them how issit like....just wann to see it for ourselves...
the pretty and the bold n mad n old was there......no1 seemed young that night.....i felt pretty old.....
had some some house games...led by a pretty mc(not!) actually some kiddish games....wahlao...didnt see taht coming.......only the last one was more brain challengening ,a charades on movies....pretty much cheated on the last an island in the pacific..)
play mahjong at in btw the stuff.......sianz benji wanted to stay over,but rj sebest dun so all go home...sianz.....dunget to eat my tangyuan.......had some gifts some magnetic pinup......wonder who got my triple gave me a book on'tools of war- the vietnam experience'...sighmore war stuff......we got to seat richmond TEE 's car....tight squeeze,some1 gave him lousy directions and we went a big round.....couldnt rmbr if we were in a one way road,otherwise can just turn ard n drive out the same way we came thru......sianz

Some muthafharker complained my blog needs updating .......

NOW I envy the dudes going in ns early, having something to do in life is darn great.....i pity all the girls out there waiting for results,but wif no ns....they really had to find something to do n to my knowledge this is of great annoyance to most of them......
well the guys have the luxury (or not) to not confronting the problem headon........the last batch of ns ppl is going in apr,(which is me)...n they have to just occupy themselves for the 1st 3 mths,aka during the 1st 3 mths of jc1......
$@#$#%@@$ i tink i made a bad choice in my job.....the $%#&^#% is delayinnh the starting date....the assignment ends at 7 now its 9 jan.....n it strats at 23 jan or something #$%^#%^#$$%#~~~!!! if the rates aint not so bad,i wouldnt have sign on ($6.75/hr)#%#$#%!!!
well almost everyone is in sch or ns,so im left stranded in my pigeon hole HDB.......boredom is ebbing away mmy sanity n strength n i totally lost my work habits(waking up early so on...)&*&^@&^AND MY COM IS TOTALLY CRACKING UP!!!!!argh!!!!!!ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!N I ACCIDENTALY OVERRIDE MY MARINE SAVEFILE!!!!!!!!