Friday, September 26, 2008

Artsy Fartsy!

Bojun created this banner of myself for our 'Intro to Computing' project which had us doing a website.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Legendary 'SPECIAL'

Green Soursop,Nata de Coco,Yogurt,Carnation Milk, RednGreen pearls,corn

N a bowl full of mango pudding under the ice.Truly sedap for $2! Found only at you-know-where.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To draw a line

Saw a plane making this wonderful vapour trail in the sky. People are fond of drawing lines to mark sides, opinions and relationships, the phrase, 'draw line btw so n so'. Was thinking the ultimate expression of this would be literally drawing one in the sky,the uppermost boundary of our earthly existence.

Incredulous Sighting!

On the way back to the MRT after badminton wif JM n Clara. Jm toked abt intending to give badminton lessons. Spotted Giant mosquito. Dengue mosquitos must be getting out of hand here.

Long Queue at Bus 96 interchange 15/9/08

1st time having to queue all the way out of the interchange itself, even though I have been taking 96 for more than a year now. Must be midterms tests or something, cause I nvr encounter such a queue on Mon morn 10am.

Night of the Mini-s 02/08/08

All these were taken from the dashboard of Clara's Integra, on our way to the secret rendevous from SSL who then just came back from HK. We were pumping petrol n heading to Holland V.

From Then to Now Series

From a garden-peeing toddler
To young man in a suit
To a fun-loving boy

To the present a beaucoup dinky dau undergrad

Backlog - Flea Market Trip 13/4/08

Old time Steel Helmet, apparently ppl like to put their army helmets (including the latest SAF ones) on sale. Saw half a dozen of em

Backlog -Rare moments KTV 9 July 08

LOOK Ben is singing n posing! (Leeched from ng's blog)

The Sleeping Saga

From JC

Monday, September 08, 2008

Zoo: 2nd Part

RJ N Co.
Seal for a Kiss
RJ shagged but Im not YEAH! (not)

Trip to the Zoo with RJ & Co.


Cheetah chilling out

I need a coke to cool down sia...

In for a dip?

Vandalism with a Twist

Vandalism on the back of a bus seat in the form of a Maths equation. '(you)(me)(sinFather)', Using maths to solve relationship problems? Makes you wonder about the state of the mind of an average singaporean student.......