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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Not much mood to write/type nowadays, super procastinating with videos, games n books. Job hunting is another thing oh well. Doing reflection pieces in blogs is like trying to imagine oneself being marooned on an island, talking to myself, perhaps I can even named my laptop 'Wilson' just like Tom Hanks naming his volleyball in the movie 'Cast Away', well cus of the brand lol. Well mine should be T-61, sinces taht its model, much like same numbering as a Terminator. Kind of sick now, so signing off..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Lunch Fun

On most sundays i will be at home, so instead of the usual takeaways, chicken rice, ban mee, etc, I tried something today. Actually I did this once b4, just forgot to mention it. One day I spotted this package of wraps while getting some cereal at NTUC. Wanting to try it, I got some canned tuna and cabbage, being lazy and all. So I just wrapped them up. Suffice it to say, didnt turn out nice. So I thought to try it again this Sunday. Made pasta one Saturday for the whole family. Not bad, needed more sauce, but the canned tomato pasta sauce is pretty ex. Had to get some meat and the mixed veg to add to it, otherwise its just sauce and pasta. Pretty ex. Mum was quite happy to have something diff, but the cost is a turnoff. Well that was then. Now its wraps!

The can of tomato puree...paste...

Grandma insisted on preparing the minced meat, soy sauce and chopped half an onion into the mix and then stir-fry it. Oh you can spot the package of wraps to her left on the counter.

Lettuce, Tomato puree, Minced meat, Japanese cucumber. Will try other sauces next time.

Yay! Tomato puree is quite watery though. Noo I didnt add water...

My brother's, he's the guinea pig as well. Grandma didnt dare to try, though she was quite hyped up in doing something new :P

Quite yummy, gonna try other kind of sauces and stuff, and maybe include more ingredients, haha, but want to keep it simple.


Innovative Singaporeans have devised a way to clean up oil spills, by making the oil edible!!!


Total ass....

Yeah MINI!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Backlogs; Lunch Nap at my tempjob

Slack, everyone stops for lunch 10-15mins early, then have a full hour for nap :P

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Germany Wins! (Quarter Finals 2010)


Last night I went out with Ben and his 3 frens from his GSS exchange, (no idea wats GSS, just tat its not Great Singapore Sale) to Harry's @ Chijmes to watch the match btw Argentina vs Germany. We went too late and there was nary space for us to watch the 3 main screens in the main foyerlike place. Harry's was packed as well so we went next door to Bobby's (i think it was Bobby's). We watched the match on 2 average sized tv screens. Didnt order any drinks, wanted to, but cant be bothered to squeeze thru the crowd and trying to save somewhat. Anw Ben was supposed to meet us at rj place to chill. Instead he slept till 7pm and called me. The night before I already knew that he was going to watch the match. As he was going to drive his dad's Suzuki down, a ride home was an added incentive. We had makana at Thomson Clarity, he hurried down to join us (me rj seb). He parked behind at the small road. As we were walking up the slope, I spotted his car.

Alas such is not his/our fate, so we have to make do:

Took some time to get down, n having not driven to town for sometime, Ben (for my count is ZEro) took a moment to adjust to the roads, the night and rain not helping. We parked at Fort Canning Park and walked to Chijimes. Place was filled with Germans.

We met up with his frens and I spent better part of the evening clapping and hollering. I think i yelled the wrong words in German....anwwwww.....It was amazing that it turned out 4-0, opening goal at the 3rd minute was awesome. One of his friends and I supported Germany, he and the rest supported Argentina.....XD...so ya we all knew how it turned out. Match over and it was decided or rather we ended up at Geylang for tau hway (after nearly getting lost and testing Ben's driving skillllss, manual gear btw), cus one of his frens stays there! Listened attentively to their Europe exploits with nothing much to add, besides, I was getting tired (and bored oops) so I started dozing off alittle with a little shuteye movements and blinking (sorry if i appeared aloof n all). Anw it was abt 1plus, and I dont think they got anywhere else to go (i hoped,oops) Ben sent all his frens home, xcept the one which walked home. When I reached home, I recognised a parallel btw the zoo trip with Rj n the 3 girls. There was this physicall parallel as well btw rj n ben's frens, and a car trip for both outings. Such is the ways of life, interesting coincidence.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Singapore Society

Everytime an article appears in the papers toking abt creativity and risk-taking Singaporeans, I would always have this scene pop into my mind. Bunch of ppl crowding thru a two-door passageway, in which only one door is open. I think its the lecture halls at school (NUS) that struck me 1st but it's also applicable elsewhere. So ppl just queue and squeeze through the one door that is opened. Since LT doors are never locked (during sch daytime at least), so why arent NUS students going thru the other door? Immeasurably annoyed by all these paper-wavers who simply dun want to or cant or something, use the other door, I push open the other door and move on....Simple? Not to them. Im not some trailblazer or something, im just want to say there is a kind of mindset that has been drummed into Singaporeans. Censorship,regulation, yadda yadda. Ppl are afraid to try, (for me im just lazy ya),like how this 'opening door' analogy shows how simple daily behaviour do reveal our nature.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Kites at Marina Barrage

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Signing up on JobStreet is much less emo than signing up on JobsDB. Apparently JobsDB treat you as a machine. When registering, it asks for your job function. Somehow the word 'function' doesnt seem right. Under the scrolled down list, there are Accounting, Admin/HR, Banking/Finance, Beauty Wellness Health Fitness, Building Construction, Design, Education and so forth. Of course the only thing im eligible for is Fresh Meat. Creating a account in Jobstreet is more gratifying as they ask about your education. I was very happy to see that History is available as an option in the field of study. JobsDB is more keen on your work exp / ability. Jobstreet tackle this by asking me to indicate my job preference as well as job location which include regional countries and those further afield. I think JobDB want to separate the Fresh Meat and those with exp, hence its Job Function in the registration. Doing JobDB after Jobstreet, I was expecting a similiar format like the latter, but well guess not. Anw like what Ivan said, I cant really expect a flashing bold search entry term/field that screams FASS History major.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The simple pleasantness of a humming fan keeping one cool, its hypnotic swirling twirling blades. The occasion break in its rhythm, as the motor throbs, its frame trembling then becoming still once more, only for it to do so, as if it was grumbling, about its work and perhaps life around it...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bike Trip to NUS -Double Yellow Lines are meant for cycling...

I had wanted to do this since I enrolled in NUS. Before 07/08 academic yr, I actually managed to reach Jurong East. So now on the pretext of returning a Central Library book that is due on 14 May, I decided to ride to sch. So for quite some time, most of my bike rides are done in non-rainy weather. Today being foolhardy, and knowing my lazy self would probably keep postponing the idea of cycling to sch (done for 3 yrs ya), despite the rain I set off to ride. Bad mistake. I swerved and slide/slip onto the pavement, landed mostly on my right side as the bottle from the right pocket flew up n over me. It cracked and I had to empty it. Fortunately I have two more bottles, but as it turned out I stopped by places to buy drinks instead.

Skinned my left knee. That was just before Marsiling MRT. It was close enough to turn back but I decided against that. Most worrying was the status of my bike. The chain had jammed at the rear wheel but I managed to cleared it. Still I was concerned about the frame, esp the looser structure of the centre suspension spring and frame. Barring any obvious defects (think have to overhaul the bike soon), I cont the journey but not before stopping at the toilet to wash my wound, using the bottle outside the toilet. Washed my greasy hands n the greasy frame of my bike as I had to handle it after fixing the chain. I was complacent and forgotten the golden rule of slowing down on wet surfaces n tyres. The left knee hurt when I was btw Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Gombak. Fortunately I decided to wear my knee support (for running) on my right knee (completely dirtied by the fall) So I switched it to the left, padding it with tissue paper. It helped. (Its bloodied n black so I tossed it after I reached home.

I soldiered on to NUS and returned the library book in the bookdrop. Basically I spent the next hour or so, taking pix of places in sch with the bike (to prove i rode there K!) since I always wondered how issit to ride in sch. It was totally anti-climatic. I was shagged, NUS is full of ridges and fucking hills, so I walked and pushed the bike. I was particularly tired when riding up towards the 96 busstop at the Engr Faculty. My bike doesnt like low gear, only high gear (have to fix that) I was panting, sticking my tongue, shagged face. So this Chinese guy (I think teaching staff) was just staring at me as I was pedalling. It was a gentle slope, so one cant really tell if just standing there. So there I was, pedalling on high gear, low on momentum, up this 'invisible slope' wet and tired. On a Yew Tee-CCK road, I realised I was pedalling with more effort, fearing the chain n gear were damaged. Then I checked the kerb, it was a slope, somehow not evident when cycling. Soon enough (well nt exactly), it leveled out and back to cruising pedalling.

Having fooled around enough in sch (near 7pm), its time to go back. On the outbound trip (from home) I took the Woodlands-Kranji-CCK-Bukit Batok-Jurong East-Clementi route. So I decided on a new route back as I wanted to check the Khansama Tandoori Castle at Biopolis. So the return route is , Buona Vista-Holland V-Holland Road-Farrer Road-Adam Road-Lornie Road-Thomson Road-AMK-YCK-Yishun-etc. Bad mistake. Spent time poring over the Street Directory. Farrer Road is still having some construction since ever, so had to cycle on the road(I try to use the pavement as much as possible, slow but having cars buzzing u is nt exactly cool. It was only 8pm, still alot of cars, unlike the NUS Bike Quests, which start at 9pm, so when one hit the roads the traffic is dying down). Though the pavements are sometimes unlit, so my eyes were staring wide open most of the time. Having used the Bike Quest traffic as a benchmark, I got stuck for quite some time at the Adam Flyover(during the BQ, almost no cars...a few only). Now its rushhour, no zebra crossings or pavement to use. Had to dash across the filter lanes that led out from the main highway. Tiring stuff. Finally got to MacRitchie reservoir, then followed the pavements back home.

Well stopped by near Daryl's place the petrol station. AMK onwards is pretty SOP, just keeping the rthymn going, pumping the legs, taking note of the cramps, switch leg for the main downward stroke. Wary of dark areas. Cursing slopes, getting off to walk. Careful on the downhill, teasing the brakes. Listening to the Ishuffle and the bike creaking at each stroke (the rain washed off the grease/something of the suspension frame, and me being heavy :). Then home at ard 1030pm. So around 8 hours, roundtrip. Knee hurts, ass hurts, sore back, n reddened palms from gripping the handlebars and brakehandles (dunno why, i get this). But accomplished something, though somewhat dubious and unnecessary.

I cant believe its only 58km......


Fancy a Greek house? Totally stunned when a majestic white house loomed b4 me, especially after passing through an industrial estate...

Not the place to be....

Jurong East MRT

Mac @ / near Tradehub21...

Tempted to order something....:)

Break at 96 @ Clementi Interchange

Pause @ 96 busstop after shitty climb

AS7 Shaw Foundation Building

AS7 Com Lab, frequent stopover during schtime

At Arts Canteen aka Deck, couldnt decide, so got 7up n 100plus, then saw the redbull in the fridge behind the uncle...needed a boost....Cycling cocktail!

Arts Camp poster/poser.....Copyright infringement?

The book, bookdrop and Central Lib...cant live without it...:(

Had to do it.

No more exams?

Megabites @ Science Faculty

heheheh, Khansama @ Biopolis....damn ulu siah....

A stretch of Holland V

Unlit pavements...cycling blind...

Adam Flyover.....lots of cars....

Misty night @ Thomson Rd

Locked to the Longkang railing, beside the busstop by the overhead bridge, opposite Khatib MRT. I just had to stop to take the picture.

The said cracked bottle, probably cushioned by the fall, the bag too.... gone now, threw it.

shag....Glad I got the Samsung phone with 8 megapixel camera, clearer pictures now...


What are the chances?


Stoning at the rear end of 96...

Old School


Sign at 4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken,went there after l4d last Sat


Sign in Yishun carpark, on the way to Rj father shop.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Havent been going out lately, so not much to write about. PSP, COMIC, HISTORY BOOK, thats the sequence of 'Things in your hands' when I was on the train the other day, the history book being mine ofcus, n erm after i finished my exams...omg....so lame...And that book is from NUS Central Lib, so now i have to go to sch to return it hhaha. I do need to get some working clothes, aka nt jeans.. i cant rem the last time i worn pants so haha.....nvr had a use for them. I will prob miss my sandals once i start working. Miss the slipping out to stretch the foot, wriggling the toes in the open air...feeling the sun on my feet....the chill of the aircon....twiddling the toes of my two feet when im bored......feet scratching....oops not supposed to write that......sighhh.....So nua.....nuanuanua...well its been only a wk since my last paper....so why does it feel so long? Issit bcus of the enormity of the path that lies ahead that stretches the time im having? or something else? anxiety? nervousness?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I have the odd sense of deja vu every once awhile. I had it when I went to the new hawker centre near Rj's place. The yellow front of the stall and the view of its immediate surroundings seemed familiar, mind u i have only walked past it before, outside by the road, never walk thru the stalls. Playing a scene in the game Army of Two seemed familiar too, the scene on the screen being framed by the television, at the exact angle i was standing to view it.......
Most of them (the deja vu flashbacks) i suspect are just memories reasserting themselves on everyday scenes, creating a sense of deja vu. But having such sensations when visiting places u never been before is just weird. The Army of Two eg is something like that. I dream alot and most are very plausible day to day scenes, but scenes I have never seen before. Most of us cant control our memories, hence those with photographic memories are most well known. Its just hard to access our memories like that. Time is increasingly not a key factor in retaining our memories, esp in deciding the clarity of each memory. i think there is a threshold, when memories get resolved of their timescale. it kinds of disturb me why some of my memories arent as clear as others despite their relative importance. My memories do not invoke a sense of being / involvement when I tried to relive them. Its like the film camera 'dilemma', u are just viewing a screen, a movie of sorts. And since much of time is now spent on looking at screens and videos of others. Its like ur mind is just viewing the screen of your eyes, the third person sensation. The tune out feeling....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Musings : An Idle Mind is a Creative Mind?

OK this post started with me stoning over brunch. As I was reading the papers, my mind leap around the various issues and articles in the papers, an interview with PM Lee, one abt the US space program and some abt our gd ol' Singapore education system and our teachers. I took a shower and head into my rm, and at this time someone with an electric guitar started practicising some slow tunes. A cool shower, a full stomach and some slow music, life is pretty good eh? Anw back to the post....

There was this article on Amsterdam yest, a travelogue of sorts. There was this part taht in the city, there are cheap food lines/shops that provide a meal for $5. Thats prob still exp if its in Singapore, but prob cheap over there. Anyway the pt is that while its catered for the poor, aspiring artists and musicians can make use of this. While im not arguing for welfare unemployment payouts, ppl generally have less to worry. Of cus this enables one to rot or to come up with cool ideas and stuff, and ppl generally rot. Musicians and artists are not welcomed in Singapore society, def nt our parents, prob traumatised by the 60s hippy drug taking fad, and the decadent West! If you remember my previous post, on how the dentist told my prof's daughter that being a pianist 'cannot earn $$' in which she broke down in tears, haha. Generally im quite a technocrat despite having a arts degree, so im not that into the art scene here or elsewhere but i do sympathise with ppl in the industry. Aside from movies and films, im not that interested and my taste in music, well its not much oso. Once again im complaining abt the educational mindset of Singapore, if nt our MOE system.

Basically i read abt this guy and his sister, they r working in the fashion industry now, the sister works in a magazine and the guy is a photographer. What made me noticed is that the guy had a engineering degree and a masters in physics. (either or la, but basically just two education cert that totally has no link with his photography) So the siblings have gained recognition for their in the fashion circles. This set me thinking, but the guy spent 6-7 years of his prime? Any other person would baulk at not pursuing a career so as not to waste it. But his passion prevailed and its working out for him. But of cus he had a stable job 1st before changing to photography. (WHOOP THANKS FOR THE AUTOSAVING DRAFT FEATURE OF BLOGSPOT! Mouse went crazy and the window was closed accidentally.) Anw he did had his sister to help him and all.
Once again im trying to come to terms on how to spot/cater to one's passion. Then again Singapore's puny economy and ah-Gong's hatred for liberal arts ppl will take some time to dissipate.

Idle mind is a creative mind? Well the renowned thinkers during the Enlightenment Age are usually rich blokes, they have servants n all, so basically they have lots of free time. But some of them do have to make ends meet. Then again they dun have TV, radio, movies nor the Internet, so I guess they have no choice and sit down and stone? One would think of Google to come up with an example of an awesome work environment. I guess they realised a relaxed mind is a creative one. But the folks at Google are generally damn competitive too, so theres a higher chance for them to channel their thoughts into something productive than just rotting there and then.

Of cus speaking of productivity, this is how the US space program triggered my memory. I think last year we (subjective to whoever was there, cant rem) watched 'MOON', an *ahem* artsy fartsy film ( this term is synonym with 'It sux' when you ask the rest of the gang to describe it,..anw...) IT IS a scifi film...so well....anw. So the lead character is a sole worker at a moon base that harvest hydrogen for fuel or something and sends it back to earth. Basically our character is a clone that last for a few years, at end pt their body would start degrading and falls apart. And apparently clones are illegal in the film's context, so the company is doing something illegal. The company fake video calls with the original's family. The clone managed to fix a real time phone call with his 'family' and he freaks out as he hears his own voice. (The original stays on earth the whole time, I assumed the original agreed to be cloned and his clones would work on the moon facility). His predecessors, all clones, were all tricked into a cremating device (the character discovered some ashes) by saying its a hibernating device for the trip back to earth. Weird video logs of his predecessors started surfacing due to system errors, and bcus it was his predecessors' video logs and not of our current lead, the videos do not register in our lead character's memories and lots of memory gap issues. So the main turning point of the film is that our lead character had an accident on the moon's surface and is presumed dead so the company decided to activate a new clone and then the two met.......
This is like an extreme in the cause for seeking productivity, skirting around human sensibilities, of cus u can argue whether clones are truly human or not, but they still exhibit human emotions and all.....so....but the main pt i was to raise is the ongoing drive for productivity, which im not definitely doing now since im supposed to revise for my exams...ANW..... Another great film on what is means to be human is the scifi classic, Blade Runner, great show, but prob tooooo ARTSY FARTSY for our clique......

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Makana for Thought

Arguments against gun control in the US



Singaporeans are really taking security for granted, and most Singaporeans are apathetic to their fellow citizens (me too), generally arent too aware of their surroundings. You might feel that ur laptop and belongings are safe among a table of fellow students, though they might be strangers. But hey everyone's busy, unless u ask to help jagar, most would just take a cursory glance at ur glance. Or to seriously question a thief who is trying to masquerade as the fren of the laptop's owner. Though the thief has to be really daring. But most of the time, valuables are often out of sight from people around them. In a crowded place, worst. My stay at NUS, esp the library, a good number of laptops have been stolen. Most basic cause, a need for the bathroom, no one ard to help to look out for my stuff. Bah take a risk, next thing u knw it, call security, my stuff has been stolen. Once I went down to the 3rd flr shelves, the police and campus security were there, attending to the victim. They werent being empathetic, 'You shudnt leave ur laptop like that la, you shud be more careful...yaddayadda...' comeon the guy is already regretting it so much. I heard stories that one girl had her stuff stolen from inside her bag. There always seem to be a few cases of theft each semester, fortunately this last sem there wasnt any news of it. But ppl are still taking unnecessary chances.

Singapore's generally a safe place. A gd standard of living for most, hence not much of an incentive for crime, and possibly lack of space to hide at/in (one gd thing abt singapore) for criminals. Still petty crimes are hard to crack, esp unattended belongings. I wasnt particulary pleased when we forgo the use of the lockers during the swim on Sunday. I guess groupthink prevailed over my stance. Fortunately our day wasnt ruined.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Probably wont have to take 96 at nite for quite some time.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Emo Last Day

Usually at a whim, we would declare its time to go home and kun n stuff. But today since its the last sch day, me n my pals had dinner at megabites from ard 7-9pm. Basically we just stoned n tok abt whateva that came to our minds, except for our plans for the future. My fren was especially emo haha. I could have taken 189 from kent ridge int back to clementi, but i had to emo too and walked back to 96 bus stop. even took a video n some pix.....emo!

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Wah never knew Singapore is so highly thought of, even in fictional stories.

An excerpt from Blue Submarine No.6 (anime) wiki entry.

'Six travel to the Blue Dome, an underwater, shell-shaped superfortress that serves as Blue Fleet's main berthing facility. Character development ensues during the trip. Hayami, who had seen the plans for Blue Dome, smiles as he sees the entire Blue Fleet for the first time. The Blue Fleet consists of many state-of-the-art submarines, each built by its respective country (#1 is the United States, #2 is United Kingdom, #3 is France, #4 is Germany, #5 is Russia, #6 is Japan, #7 is Australia, #8 is China, #9 is Singapore, and #10 is India).'


Sounds familiar???

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apologist for Feminism?

Was in PS tut, having a 5min break, then generally chatting abt the topics discussed just now, sovereignty, diplomacy and their actors, then onto conscription aka national service. A few girls determined that their duty is to churn out babies, thus they shudnt do NS. Curious, I proceed further, 'Well dont you want to do anything else than just that? Singlehood is ok, making babies cant be the only thing rite? well in some countries, eg, Germany, you can do NS as a civil servant, other than in the military.' THEY: 'Women are weaker, so we shudnt do army stuff.' Guffaws (ME) : 'Come on, how can you say that? (that women are weak) I mean there are substantial number of women in foreign militaries.' THEY: 'Even the difficult stuff?' ME: Ya full combat roles/ activities.' *Break ends*

Of cus on a sidenote, there is some holding back on the roles of women in the military but its slowly changing...besides support role can be dangerous too.


Parental Love / Care borderlines btw Giving Good Advice and Treating ur Child (Age is not a factor) as a total noob!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


How fucked are you now? How fucked are you now? How Fucked are you noowww? You sure are fucked Now.

Source: The Pacific Ep 1, near the end. A soldier singing 'birthday song' to one of his buddies, after they sang the proper one 1st.


Weird habit of talking to strangers now.....haha of cus only to those who looked willing to chat. Guys, girls, uncles, aunties, birds, trees, sun, wind,....

Monday, March 22, 2010


Guess what a search on utube for singapore national day songs turn out....LOL. Anw I think the 'You' means Singapore....

Suggestions to SAF Songs!

Date: 1938
Lyrics: M. Isakovsky
Music: M. Blanter
Translation: Igor Koplevsky

Song about a girl longing for her beloved, who is away on military service. First sang in public by women as they send off their men during WW2. It then became popular among the Russian soldiers. (There are contemporary remix n renditions)

Apple and pear trees were a-blooming,
Mist (was) creeping on the river.
Katyusha set out on the banks,
On the steep and lofty bank.

She was walking, singing a song
About a grey steppe eagle,
About her true love,
Whose letters she was keeping.

Oh you song! Little song of a maiden,
Head for the bright sun.
And reach for the soldier on the far-away border
Along with greetings from Katyusha.

Let him remember an ordinary girl,
And hear how she sings,
Let him preserve the Motherland,
Same as Katyusha preserves their love.

Now the common complaint by local women is that Singapore men are so unromanticsh at times. While browsing utube, I found a good solution! As the guys knw, we sing songs about protecting and serving our country, 2yrs of our time, yadda yadda...etc. Why not one that allows us to sing about our love and love for our nation YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
So this russian song I found sparked off this idea. I mean blah army songs are simply siansational. Im not surprised if NSFs sing more popular songs nowadays.
Maybe this is what is lacking in our nation building? We have our national day songs and stuff. But are singers n writers simply being tasked to write such songs? If they were to write it out of their own will, e.g, like many folk songs that sing abt country, love and family, would it be more appealing? Are some of us nostalgic abt national day songs, (well i can rmbr the stand up singapore song only, not the latest ones) Haha im doing an essay on nation building n SG politics, hence all this, YAY! *flag-waving*. Sadly we know we are never encourage by our papa, mama, to be musicians, artists and such, much less history majors (No good, cannot earn money 1 wor, my prof, he's PR, said a local dentist told the same thing to his daughter, when his daughter claim she wants to be a pianist, and his statement made her cry, sadz). I mean our national songs are all top down, always created for the big day, whereas other cultures are more botton up, a popular song that is raised to a national level, therefore it is so readily accepted and not overbearing, attached to some political nature other than simply being popular. Is there a song that is nationalistic cus the singer wants it to be, not bcus its National Day 201X? Of cus the state will definitely coopt such culture devices to enhance the nation-state. Then again Singapore's multiethnic society is both a plus n minus for nation-building. Perhaps our local music scene will come up with something eventually????

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cross of Iron (1977 film by Sam Peckinpah)

Hänschen klein -Little Hans (Children song)

Source of Lyrics: http://ingeb.org/Lieder/Hanschen.html

DEUTSCH -English Version (Some Translation of my own, using web tools)
1. Hänschen klein -Little Hans
Geht allein -He has gone
In die weite Welt hinein. -Out to see the world alone
Stock und Hut -Staff and hat,
Steht im gut, -Look at that,
Ist gar wohlgemut. -He is in good spirits. (Couldnt find Wohlgemut)
Aber Mama weinet sehr, -But mommy broke down in tears
Hat ja nun kein Hänschen mehr! -Now she has Hans no more.
"Wünsch dir Glück!" -"Wish You Luck!'
Sagt ihr Blick, -Her eyes spoke instead,
"Kehr' nur bald zurück!" -Come back home soon!

2. Sieben Jahr -Seven years,
Trüb und klar -Cloudily and clearly,
Hänschen in der Fremde war. -Hans, far from home.
Da besinnt Sich das Kind, -The child changes his mind,
Eilt nach Haus geschwind. -Now to return home swiftly.
Doch nun ist's kein Hänschen mehr. -But now he's not litte Hans anymore
Nein, ein großer Hans ist er. -No, he is all grown up.
Braun gebrannt -Tanned brown,
Stirn und Hand. -Forehead and hand.
Wird er wohl erkannt? -Will they know this man?

3. Eins, zwei, drei -One, two, three
Geh'n vorbei, -Pass and see,
Wissen nicht, wer das wohl sei. -Don't know who this fine man might be.
Schwester spricht: -Sis says:
"Welch Gesicht?" -"Who is this?"
Kennt den Bruder nicht. -This is not the brother I know.
Kommt daher die Mutter sein, -Then along comes mother dear,
Schaut ihm kaum ins Aug hinein, -Barely sees his eyes so clear,
Ruft sie schon: -She calls out so:
"Hans, mein Sohn! -Hans, my son!
Grüß dich Gott, mein Sohn!" -God bless you my son!'

I think what the director is trying to do is to use Hans as an analogy for humanity, in our worldly pursuits and of our horrid actions such as war, has completely changed, lost our innocence you might say. But in the end, we must or can/should recognise who we are and acknowledge our past and move onward. It is mostly an anti-war film, as the main character, Steiner, an Iron Cross holder, tries to find solace and sanity in war, and he finds it in his fellow soldiers. Despite a friendly fire incident instigated by his CO wic killed his friends, he cannot escape his sense of professionalism, as he lead his CO against an incoming attack, to show him 'where the Iron Cross is grown' But this final act, is probably a desperate one, slowly losing grip of himself and reality

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dude? Wheres my Hub?

Lately I have been wondering why have I not been watching Budget 1998 or read up on articles on the government's development plan for the country when I was in primary school. Financial hub, biomedical hub, science / technological hub. Then I would have read less on history, culture stuff, I coulda have subscribe to the Economist, have Wall Street journals by my bedside. I should have watched Discovery Channel, (wait i did watch that), and made daily trips to Shenton Way, visited SGX instead of Fort Canning or something. Instead I spend all my life reading up on one thing that Singapore do not have : History. Oh wait, Singapore has history (hopefully no one from Hist Dept will stab me). Oh how I envy and marvel academics from the rest of the world. History in Singapore is probably limited to AS1 5th flr (Hist Dept), AS7, the big nice tower at Buona Vista (MOE HQ) and other state bodies. There is simply no interest in history here, on Singapore's history or even the world. Most computer screens are likely to display FB, or POEMS (an online stock trading service). Sure there are some SG forums that show passing interest, but most of the time singapore netizens just complained n stuff. BUT LOOK AT OTHER COuntries, they have clubs, fan clubs, reenactments the works. Granted there isnt much Singapore history (or is there?! of cus there is!) or rather it seems that Singaporeans dont have a sense of history, or more accurate the latest generation of Singaporeans, the Gen X Y Z $(*&(*& or whatever. Im guess our parents and grandparents knw better, but the earlier generations dont really know how to handle history. ANW im digressing from the purpose of this post. DUDE WHERES MY HISTORY HUB??? There is no culture for learning humanities or any great appreciation for academics here, or at least history :(, unless ur an economist. Of cus the govt n civil service hire us, (NOT JUST TEACHERS! the other ministries do as well!) Basically I wish it would be like the US, UK n Europe, India, where academic circles go beyond university campuses.

'Authentic Punjabi Village!' So says the menu....Khansama @ Science Park

chicken manchurian (stuff in the pot) and naan

sev puri, (contains yogurt, then to dip with the sweet sauce, n eat it in one mouthful)

Our parents missed out on National Education

Our parents and grandparents totally missed out on NE, and all the racial harmony stuff. Their strong place in our hearts and minds continued to influence us, their remarks and comments about SG society are impt as well, and I feel, needs to be changed as well. I do not want to live in Singapore for over 90 yrs and not know that coloured briyani rice do not have chilli, n think that ppl only have prata for breakfast. I do not want to live a life that leaves out so many wonderful things out there, just bcus my knowledge is based on fear in the past and based on ignorance. N ppl wonder why, esp LKY's batch, why ppl are so western n stuff? Yes the youth want to do new things, thats youth, regardless of nationality and ethnicity. But ppl often forget that we (the youth) do want to keep our heritage too. We dont forget our past so easily, ppl are inherently nostalgic.

Yes parents care about children n their safety, but we cant live under the 'Dont do this, cant do that' Of course some things are obviously OB (out of bounds), drugs, crime, smoking (well i think smoking is out, your body dont recover from it, unlike drinking, the liver can handle moderate amounts. but our lungs cant handle smoke at all!) I rather risk a limb or two than stay ignorant. Im not suggesting to be super proactive about it, but please, at least be receptive.

Our Education System??

Was having tutorials for Govt n Politics of SG. Always interesting. But the actions of my classmates strike a chord in thinking on our education system. It was my group to present one tutorial, so we made handouts on the main points of our presentation. A yr1 guy remarked, 'Is this the answer sheet?' no he didn't say it in jest, nor was he joking or anything, he was serious and sincere in his question. My tutor and I laughed over it, for this mindset is not allowed in FASS, there is never set answers, we all learn its processes and ways of argument.

Another tut, same module. Another yr1 guy, he was arguing his points, but the class and tutor disagreed with him. Feeling the pressure, he blurted out, 'Dont mark down my points/score!' (tutorial participation has CA % to encourage ppl, but oso cause ppl to hog the class at times). So all SG students are conditioned to think only about grades marks etc, they dont really bother with the quality of education or whether they are learning something akin to their interest. By and large, we are still very much influenced by our parents, trapped in their own societal norms and interests and signs of their times. Professions and careers need stamp of approval. (Cant be muscian, artist, cannot earn money). The government encourages streamlining.

Question, how much talent has been wasted by this streamlining concept? SINGAPOREANS in general cannot accept failure. Ppl seemed to think, perhaps our parents (cant blame the 60s n 70s are not really great times), that once a failure always a failure. There seemed to be no routes for reentrants to our education system. There is a stigma for those who are too old for their education level, eg, 21 yrs old at sec4. True they should have worked harder, but not giving them a second chance? Cant they pick up and try again? Then i recalled my fren's msn nick (well he quoted from someone but i cant rem who, :P) 'The first step to innovation / creativity is to accept failure. (or along these words). Logically, its true, unless one failed at something, nothing will compel you to try something else, to innovate something new. If one never fails, then what happens?

All this is sparked when i was reading something in sch, 'The Singapore Dilemma: The Political and Educational Marginality of the Malay Community'. The book does touches on the education system in general, abt policies, but also on cultural/social issues.



The Fall of the Berlin Wall

People stand up for their future, to decide on their own. I also noticed an interesting religious perspective. Note the part at 5:08min onwards.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY Tenets....

Eating pineapple tarts does not help in one's gambling

Sitting in between 2 person wearing red underwear apparently helps

Wearing no underwear helps as well.

Sitting near the door is not a good thing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why huh?

Why would this vehicle, a VW Kombi, made me go 'Wow',

instead of this, an Audi TT?

Was going home from sch on bus heading towards MRT, when the Audi pulled up beside the window, ah an Audi, nice. Green Light. The Audi moved ahead, then the Kombi followed behind and 'Wow'! Is it because that I will never afford the Audi hence this reaction? Hardly the case, if I liked the Audi in the first place I would go 'wow' and not take another glance at the Kombi, bleah just another old beatup weird looking vehicle. So why is the Kombi so appealing to me, (as well as the Mini, as some would know that about me) instead of something that is probably 10 times the cost, that is like the dreamcar of like so many people? Have I readjusted even my dreams and wants to suit reality? Or is it a lifestyle choice? Or in this case, not much of a choice since I prob wud nt afford the Audi ever haha. Why would I place a sense of adventure into the Kombi instead of the Audi? Is it just me reacting against the general materialism prevalent in society, that deeper down still, I actually would want the Audi, knowing the social implications that owning such a vehicle would bring. Or do I truly prefer the Kombi, when given the choice...? In another sense, I thought owning a cool looking van (beats me on why a van would look cool at all than a coupe) would be more practical than owning a 2-seater sports car. Generally most of us still relied on public transport while some of us drive, I thought that it would be neat that everyone can pile onto one vehicle and just go around without worrying about seats and space. And it will be cool to customise the back to be like a home away from home feeling, with a mini fridge and comfy cushions and stuff