Sunday, June 20, 2010

Singapore Society

Everytime an article appears in the papers toking abt creativity and risk-taking Singaporeans, I would always have this scene pop into my mind. Bunch of ppl crowding thru a two-door passageway, in which only one door is open. I think its the lecture halls at school (NUS) that struck me 1st but it's also applicable elsewhere. So ppl just queue and squeeze through the one door that is opened. Since LT doors are never locked (during sch daytime at least), so why arent NUS students going thru the other door? Immeasurably annoyed by all these paper-wavers who simply dun want to or cant or something, use the other door, I push open the other door and move on....Simple? Not to them. Im not some trailblazer or something, im just want to say there is a kind of mindset that has been drummed into Singaporeans. Censorship,regulation, yadda yadda. Ppl are afraid to try, (for me im just lazy ya),like how this 'opening door' analogy shows how simple daily behaviour do reveal our nature.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Kites at Marina Barrage