Friday, November 14, 2008

Lonely Soldier Boy - Michael Bradley

Liked how the song starts with the guitar. The song is from the Robotech cartoon series.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sha La La La La - Walkers (1974)

By Danish 'GlamRock' called the 'Walkers'. For a more contemporary beat and something we r more familiar with, go here--->> (This is by Dreamhouse)

Ben Lum danced to this song for his performance at the CC behind ol' AMKSS when we were sec2 (i think). Me, him, Des, Andy, n dunno got RJ anot, n maybe Daryl too n more perhaps, went to this overnight camp. At the end of the camp was performance acts by each group, in which we were all spilt up to different groups. So Ben and his group danced to this song. I fondly remembered Ben dancing with 2 bowls, twirling his hands like some exotic dancer. Cant remember whos the organiser for this camp though. If it's any song that reminds me of Ben, it's this.