Sunday, July 03, 2016

Days of Future Past.

I figured that this might be a fairly discreet place to upload my army pics from NS days.

Friday, November 30, 2012

My Dear Blog, Im Sorry

My Dear Blog, I apologised for not spending time and my love for you. But I have someone else in my life now. Yes we all know who it is. Facebook. Dear Blog, you are my first foray into the nascent space we now called social media. There was Friendster, MySpace, etc back then lol. But I have never known them. Then I found you. You were a great listener. You knew how to keep things to yourself until someone clicked on you or dropped by to chat. You are straightforward, no frills and fancy stuff (Or at least cus I didnt know how :( ] You kept and held on to my thoughts and memories without complain. (THANK YOU THOSE WHO KEEP UP THE SERVERS) Mostly these days I communicate my feelings and thoughts with songs, I feel that they are a great way to express a variety of emotions in a way all of us (at least humans and beings on planet Earth) understands. So now and then, I would pop by and drop a song to remember by, for me to capture moments and thoughts, or to relive old memories in this corner of the Internet. It is a strange way to live, a balance between privacy and still be in public digital space. The odd compromise between personal space and a yearning for interaction. A great way not to be too intrusive and yet open to others. Could understand why alot of ppl still love you so. Hopefully both of us will be still around down the road. Cheers

The Seekers - Calling Me Home

Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Star To Fall

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Not much mood to write/type nowadays, super procastinating with videos, games n books. Job hunting is another thing oh well. Doing reflection pieces in blogs is like trying to imagine oneself being marooned on an island, talking to myself, perhaps I can even named my laptop 'Wilson' just like Tom Hanks naming his volleyball in the movie 'Cast Away', well cus of the brand lol. Well mine should be T-61, sinces taht its model, much like same numbering as a Terminator. Kind of sick now, so signing off..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Lunch Fun

On most sundays i will be at home, so instead of the usual takeaways, chicken rice, ban mee, etc, I tried something today. Actually I did this once b4, just forgot to mention it. One day I spotted this package of wraps while getting some cereal at NTUC. Wanting to try it, I got some canned tuna and cabbage, being lazy and all. So I just wrapped them up. Suffice it to say, didnt turn out nice. So I thought to try it again this Sunday. Made pasta one Saturday for the whole family. Not bad, needed more sauce, but the canned tomato pasta sauce is pretty ex. Had to get some meat and the mixed veg to add to it, otherwise its just sauce and pasta. Pretty ex. Mum was quite happy to have something diff, but the cost is a turnoff. Well that was then. Now its wraps!

The can of tomato puree...paste...

Grandma insisted on preparing the minced meat, soy sauce and chopped half an onion into the mix and then stir-fry it. Oh you can spot the package of wraps to her left on the counter.

Lettuce, Tomato puree, Minced meat, Japanese cucumber. Will try other sauces next time.

Yay! Tomato puree is quite watery though. Noo I didnt add water...

My brother's, he's the guinea pig as well. Grandma didnt dare to try, though she was quite hyped up in doing something new :P

Quite yummy, gonna try other kind of sauces and stuff, and maybe include more ingredients, haha, but want to keep it simple.


Innovative Singaporeans have devised a way to clean up oil spills, by making the oil edible!!!


Total ass....

Yeah MINI!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Backlogs; Lunch Nap at my tempjob

Slack, everyone stops for lunch 10-15mins early, then have a full hour for nap :P

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Germany Wins! (Quarter Finals 2010)


Last night I went out with Ben and his 3 frens from his GSS exchange, (no idea wats GSS, just tat its not Great Singapore Sale) to Harry's @ Chijmes to watch the match btw Argentina vs Germany. We went too late and there was nary space for us to watch the 3 main screens in the main foyerlike place. Harry's was packed as well so we went next door to Bobby's (i think it was Bobby's). We watched the match on 2 average sized tv screens. Didnt order any drinks, wanted to, but cant be bothered to squeeze thru the crowd and trying to save somewhat. Anw Ben was supposed to meet us at rj place to chill. Instead he slept till 7pm and called me. The night before I already knew that he was going to watch the match. As he was going to drive his dad's Suzuki down, a ride home was an added incentive. We had makana at Thomson Clarity, he hurried down to join us (me rj seb). He parked behind at the small road. As we were walking up the slope, I spotted his car.

Alas such is not his/our fate, so we have to make do:

Took some time to get down, n having not driven to town for sometime, Ben (for my count is ZEro) took a moment to adjust to the roads, the night and rain not helping. We parked at Fort Canning Park and walked to Chijimes. Place was filled with Germans.

We met up with his frens and I spent better part of the evening clapping and hollering. I think i yelled the wrong words in German....anwwwww.....It was amazing that it turned out 4-0, opening goal at the 3rd minute was awesome. One of his friends and I supported Germany, he and the rest supported ya we all knew how it turned out. Match over and it was decided or rather we ended up at Geylang for tau hway (after nearly getting lost and testing Ben's driving skillllss, manual gear btw), cus one of his frens stays there! Listened attentively to their Europe exploits with nothing much to add, besides, I was getting tired (and bored oops) so I started dozing off alittle with a little shuteye movements and blinking (sorry if i appeared aloof n all). Anw it was abt 1plus, and I dont think they got anywhere else to go (i hoped,oops) Ben sent all his frens home, xcept the one which walked home. When I reached home, I recognised a parallel btw the zoo trip with Rj n the 3 girls. There was this physicall parallel as well btw rj n ben's frens, and a car trip for both outings. Such is the ways of life, interesting coincidence.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Singapore Society

Everytime an article appears in the papers toking abt creativity and risk-taking Singaporeans, I would always have this scene pop into my mind. Bunch of ppl crowding thru a two-door passageway, in which only one door is open. I think its the lecture halls at school (NUS) that struck me 1st but it's also applicable elsewhere. So ppl just queue and squeeze through the one door that is opened. Since LT doors are never locked (during sch daytime at least), so why arent NUS students going thru the other door? Immeasurably annoyed by all these paper-wavers who simply dun want to or cant or something, use the other door, I push open the other door and move on....Simple? Not to them. Im not some trailblazer or something, im just want to say there is a kind of mindset that has been drummed into Singaporeans. Censorship,regulation, yadda yadda. Ppl are afraid to try, (for me im just lazy ya),like how this 'opening door' analogy shows how simple daily behaviour do reveal our nature.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Kites at Marina Barrage

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Signing up on JobStreet is much less emo than signing up on JobsDB. Apparently JobsDB treat you as a machine. When registering, it asks for your job function. Somehow the word 'function' doesnt seem right. Under the scrolled down list, there are Accounting, Admin/HR, Banking/Finance, Beauty Wellness Health Fitness, Building Construction, Design, Education and so forth. Of course the only thing im eligible for is Fresh Meat. Creating a account in Jobstreet is more gratifying as they ask about your education. I was very happy to see that History is available as an option in the field of study. JobsDB is more keen on your work exp / ability. Jobstreet tackle this by asking me to indicate my job preference as well as job location which include regional countries and those further afield. I think JobDB want to separate the Fresh Meat and those with exp, hence its Job Function in the registration. Doing JobDB after Jobstreet, I was expecting a similiar format like the latter, but well guess not. Anw like what Ivan said, I cant really expect a flashing bold search entry term/field that screams FASS History major.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The simple pleasantness of a humming fan keeping one cool, its hypnotic swirling twirling blades. The occasion break in its rhythm, as the motor throbs, its frame trembling then becoming still once more, only for it to do so, as if it was grumbling, about its work and perhaps life around it...