Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kuishinbo Lunch Buffet

Scallops and Ginseng Porridge
Assorted Sashimi & Toufu (Ivan's plate)
Assorted Sushi (mine)
Seafood Hotpot
The 2 Hotpots
Chicken & Beef
Desserts; Jellys and Pastries
Desmond's Grape Fondue

$29.90 per pax incl. of everything

Desserts at Azabu Sado

Had this 'hotball'(some kind of pastry) wif ice cream at Azabu Sabo at Marina Sq. Was a treat by my SI coursemates.N the dinner too. It was my birthday treat. THANKS GUYS!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

My 1st arm injury

I think all my serious injuries in my life are caused by the most simple activities tat one can tink of. My knee problems (ligament injury, tilted kneecap) were caused by a backward fall off a stone bench in YCK stadium (that kind in the stadiums, where the stone steps and benches are made from one block).
Now this latest injury (small crack in my lower elbow bone joint - so small the senior consultant looking at my xrays spoke so casually abt it - he prob had seens thousands of elbow injuries) is caused by a slip during my landing for my SBJ during my IPPT at Khatib Camp. My 1st Reservist IPPT and I had to chu Stunt. This stunt is like not totally worth it. Now i cant do shit(literally cant shit wifout my arm reminding me of the injury). Sent to TTSH A&E by SAF ambulance accompanied by an ex-YJCian medic. Talked abt school on the way there, abt the good ol' days in WHY-JC.
Got bandaged up in TTSH n into a makeshift sling. Cudnt sleep on the 1st night, but its now better, dun hurt as much, i can type leh....Worried cus this is my writing arm, my hand is like numbing over sianz....... Well hope it gets better.


Firstly we (jm,ng n me) were at this gelato shop at bugis, trying to sastify our sweet teeth(or tooth).
2 girls and 1 guy occupied this table b4 us. The guy didnt fin the waffle which is ok...(top right). The bottom half finished portion is barely acceptable, but the portion at the top left was barely touched and it was 2 scoops! How can any1 waste such good luxury food???? For ppl who dearly enjoyed their share of sweet stuff, ice cream, gelato, etc.... such waste is simply unimaginable! Pretty pissed by the girl who left the untouched portion behind. It's not simply a waste of money, it's just against my moral principles on food. We should be grateful to have more than enough to eat, so wastage should be avoided as much as possible.....

Disturbing Way to Reuse things.....

Ppl usually put auspicious figures or statues on fountains to bring luck and such. So when one try to apply the same concept of spirituality to this picture, I tink it is more than disturbing.....

House of Cards!

Did this in the bar, during the 2/3 reunion event (december). Think i tried more than 10 times...