Thursday, August 13, 2009

Log Entry 13 August 2009

Decided to use the blog as a diary of sorts. 1st wk of sch gone. Very anti-climatic. Trying to get most of this wk n nxt wk readings but library being spammed with freshies n gan-chiong seniors trying to get everything. Forgotten to bring my thumbdrive in which I had uploaded HY2208 E-reserves that I wanted to print in school, much faster n cheaper than doing it at home. Alas now I have to go to sch on Friday to do it so I can try to read stuff over the wkend for the coming lectures. Going thru the introductory lectures and felt pangs of nervousness and anxiety when the thought of doing all these assignments comes into mind.

Was reading another WW2 sub book. It was in a diary formatt wic the British author was recollecting his time in service aboard a HMS sub. He used "Cheap enough what!" in describing a good bargain. I was then wondering if all the British slangs/habits provided the genesis of Singlish.

Being very unactive in sch. No CCAs n stuff. Dun particular like such activities since NS. Getting lazier n lazier since then. The 'stay low n take cover' mentality still ard. Prefer my own private time. Unless it pays $$. haha was telling it to my fren who is trying to drop all these stuff to focus on study. With less n less ppl ard, I started to enjoy more of quiet time reading n napping with bouts of running n cycling but cant do much since the Bintan leg injury.

Getting more n more forgetful n absent-minded. Always wanting to double-cfm things unless its written down.

Haha seeing all the freshies dressed up to their nines for their 1st wk of sch was all very amusing. I prob did the same, but most prob nt. Am trying to see how long I can grow my hair. Saw some1 i knew just nw n I tink he has been letting his hair grow since yr1 ! Now his hair is reaching his shoulders. Saw something interesting while zapping stuff. I had to do a doubletake on this guy wearing a hairband. Tot he was a girl until I saw his moustache n goatee. HAHA maybe I should sport a hairband too. Nw my mum complaining I looked like a girl. That was what she wanted when she was expecting me wat. LOL. Shud bring my mum to a normal sch day. The fashion would have shocked her. Guys with ponytails n hairbands, gals in all sorts of attire.... OH YA my lecturer sports longer hair than me, haha n she was saying the scholars should have short hair n look neat n tidy hahaahaahaha ok I think i shud stop now. This almost becoming a pageful of words. Back to work/play....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day on School

Started the 1st day of semester with the customary Curry Chicken noodles though its standard has declined. The curry is now more watery. 1st semester of the year always have more foreign exchange students. There was an American student queuing up behind me at the abovementioned noodle stall. He asked me wats the name of that noodle?? Lo n behold it is the mighty MEE POK. Instead of coming up with something fancy or englishy transalation, I gave it to him straight. MEEEE POK! erm ya, just pronounce it as MEE POK. Ya u just choose ur 'main dish', aka fishballs / minced meat mushrooms (didnt tell him thats Bar Chor though) n u choose ur type of noodles, wic in this case MEE POK. His fren came over (assumed American-Chinese, as he looked clueless as well as the accent). His fren got his stuff from vegan stuff. He remarked he got some veggies n mock meat. I looked n it was mock Char Siew. I had half a mind to tell him its Char Siew, but thinking on how to explain it boggled my mind n I stopped myself. Gave em a quick smile n 'no prob' n went on my way.

Blah blah finish lunch n afternn SEA lecture. SEA modules always have a good spattering of foreign students, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Irish, Americans, Canadians, Aussie, Qatar, French n then some (these are in my class). Always interesting to have diff perspectives.

Wanted to get textbks n coursepacks, but the freshies mixed wif gan chionged yr2s n 3s created long queues. Not wanting to get caught in the 5pm-6pm rush. I TCK (go home slp). N apparently it's in vogue to bring your own seat to the MRT nowadays!

Sitting on a wooden stool

Whistling fun

Went to watch a movie with the gang (des rj ivan jm js, so gay:). Wanted to get drinks n tidbits from NTUC. Me saw something nostalgic.

Whistling sweets from our childhood days!!!! But this one is from Japan 1, so is 'attas', $1.90 or something.

I spent the evening whistling, annoying the hell out of rj n des n until ivan gave in n joined me too muhahahaha

Backlog: Visit to Mr Ng's at Toa Payoh

After (me rj ivan) helping him out during Vesak Day (i tink it was that), Mr Ng invited us (des andy daryl rj me tangchee) to his place for dinner. Talked about life in general, education, having kids, getting a house, etc.....Teased daryl about marriage...generally talked about pretty mature topics, a far cry from our days back in AMKSS. Mr Ng have 3 children. Its hard to imagine how much time have passed since our days with him as our teacher-in-charge when we were sec3-4 in NCC(air). His kids seemed to like Desmond alot, n they kept 'attacking' me prob bcus of my KGB shirt.