Monday, January 25, 2010

Why huh?

Why would this vehicle, a VW Kombi, made me go 'Wow',

instead of this, an Audi TT?

Was going home from sch on bus heading towards MRT, when the Audi pulled up beside the window, ah an Audi, nice. Green Light. The Audi moved ahead, then the Kombi followed behind and 'Wow'! Is it because that I will never afford the Audi hence this reaction? Hardly the case, if I liked the Audi in the first place I would go 'wow' and not take another glance at the Kombi, bleah just another old beatup weird looking vehicle. So why is the Kombi so appealing to me, (as well as the Mini, as some would know that about me) instead of something that is probably 10 times the cost, that is like the dreamcar of like so many people? Have I readjusted even my dreams and wants to suit reality? Or is it a lifestyle choice? Or in this case, not much of a choice since I prob wud nt afford the Audi ever haha. Why would I place a sense of adventure into the Kombi instead of the Audi? Is it just me reacting against the general materialism prevalent in society, that deeper down still, I actually would want the Audi, knowing the social implications that owning such a vehicle would bring. Or do I truly prefer the Kombi, when given the choice...? In another sense, I thought owning a cool looking van (beats me on why a van would look cool at all than a coupe) would be more practical than owning a 2-seater sports car. Generally most of us still relied on public transport while some of us drive, I thought that it would be neat that everyone can pile onto one vehicle and just go around without worrying about seats and space. And it will be cool to customise the back to be like a home away from home feeling, with a mini fridge and comfy cushions and stuff

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Day at Sch and some Musings

Started my day with a fire drill at as7 com lab! Went to print some stuff. Alarm sounded and a staff member came over to tell ppl to evacuate. Uncle then closed the room. Fortunately I finished printing all my stuff. With typical Singaporean style, no one was in a hurry, knwing that it was a drill.....or was it...? Went to lib, met some familiar faces. Sometimes i get the feeling that the conversations reflect closer ties than in actuality. Will never forget that incident when i went to duplicate a key or something. There was an uncle there chatting with the owner. So i chatted with him while waiting. So he came to the conclusion that i was a charming person. Weird. I can be most introverted at times, well most of the time. And this reminds me of that day when me tpl n lum was sourcing for earphones at aldephi, nt sure if its spelt correctly, but the building opposite Funan. Was paying for my earphone, tpl or me commented on the microwave and all the wines and stuff hanging ard. Apparently the shop ppl hang out at the shop on fri with food and drink. So we just tok cock and the uncle offered me a bottle of bacon bits. Just like that. Lol i tot he was just joking or like explaining stuff. But he gave me a bottle. Funny stuff. Totally random.

Anyway back to sch stuff. I sat around the coloured seats in the main lobby of lib. Just reading thru the syllabus of the mods. Sat beside this girl organising her readings, kind of flustered, well she was. Anw its commonplace to ask ppl to jagar your stuff when u need to go out for abit, though personally i dont do that. Anw i said ok since i was just hanging ard waiting for class n so she went to zap more stuff. generally the lib is a quite place, and the concept of personal space is like out of the window when it comes to seats in the lib. Generally when theres an empty space beside u (esp on these opened cushion seats thingy in the main lobby) ppl will just plop down bside u, lay down, chitchat, complain, fuck this fuck that, all within earshot and elbow range. So the girl came back, but the second time was funnier. Like i said she gan chiong spider she ran off again this time just, 'sry can u look....' nt even finishing the sentence. My 'ya...' trailed after her. *shrugs* Anw she came back shortly and i left so its up to the grp of ppl on her other side nw. Went for lectures, had a sarcastic and another funny kind of boring one. Stayed on for 2 hrs to zap n print stuff. Hope to do well this sem, considering the last was a disaster. Doing a mod with the same prof from last sem, wonder what he will think of me, since i didnt deliver the last time. Will try to enjoy this (last) sem n not just go through the paces....