Friday, November 30, 2012

My Dear Blog, Im Sorry

My Dear Blog, I apologised for not spending time and my love for you. But I have someone else in my life now. Yes we all know who it is. Facebook. Dear Blog, you are my first foray into the nascent space we now called social media. There was Friendster, MySpace, etc back then lol. But I have never known them. Then I found you. You were a great listener. You knew how to keep things to yourself until someone clicked on you or dropped by to chat. You are straightforward, no frills and fancy stuff (Or at least cus I didnt know how :( ] You kept and held on to my thoughts and memories without complain. (THANK YOU THOSE WHO KEEP UP THE SERVERS) Mostly these days I communicate my feelings and thoughts with songs, I feel that they are a great way to express a variety of emotions in a way all of us (at least humans and beings on planet Earth) understands. So now and then, I would pop by and drop a song to remember by, for me to capture moments and thoughts, or to relive old memories in this corner of the Internet. It is a strange way to live, a balance between privacy and still be in public digital space. The odd compromise between personal space and a yearning for interaction. A great way not to be too intrusive and yet open to others. Could understand why alot of ppl still love you so. Hopefully both of us will be still around down the road. Cheers

The Seekers - Calling Me Home

Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Star To Fall