Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ow Ow ow, Toh Toh Toe!

Was zapping stuff when I stub my injured toe against the copying machine. Fortunately the machine didnt break down,(i resisted the urge to smash n curse it), but the clogged blood did clear out in a hurry from under the nail n hurts so that i had to sat dwn on the lib floor...(was telling my fren guys cant whimper cus of gender bias) n clean up the blood spilled...owwowowow...*whimper*
Now it looks white instead of purple..n it just feels bloody sore...cant wear shoes n socks, tugs on the nail....owowowow...

Food Trip to Megabites At FOS, near Frontier, It all started with "Oi dun eat at Deck leh"

Although quite full, my fren was spurned on by my theory of "Separate Stomach for Desserts" n bought this "Mega Mud". It was not bad.Above average. An OK price of 2 dollar.(Picture taken when half eaten....ok i lied, more than half)

This is called "Ordinary Guy" It is ordinary enuff....though it has 2 large scoops of the quite creamly Schokolade ice cream. Abit pricey at 3.2 dolar

Supposed to take the pix b4 eating but well its was almost 3pm....Fish fillet with spagetti in tomato sauce n black pepper chicken with spagetti in cream sauce. Ok pricing, at ard $5+ each.(Soup inclusive).Better than Pastamania

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Real Run 281007 Sonntag

Forgot to cut my long toe nails b4 the run, hence my middle toe(the purple one) suffered.It hurts, cant wear shoes for now.

Im looking shag n looking into the sun while taking the pic,squinting my eyes..

We grabbed cans of 100plus being handed out.

Ran past Changi Aiport, past by this windsock station.....One of the major sponsers,100plus,which i drank alot along the run LOL!

Hot sunny morning on a Sunday beach (sand hard to run on)

The free shoebag, thats a 'realrun' shirt in it. I wore the black pouch to run.Written on it is 'Tui' , its the name of a New Zealander bird. Its the name of a ship owned by Prosafe, the coy i worked b4 sch started.

Some1's hand, spoil the picture.....well STARTING PT!

Tink thats the control tower.....

My fren from stagmont.....

Morning sun getting higher and HOTTER!

Can u see tekong in the distance?


The outside of the hall

Huge no of ppl queuing for toilets

My fren was one of them

Ppl waiting outside,warming up

Main stage

The event hall

Preparing for the run, thats my number tag and the pink shuttle bus ticket. Its to take bus at Woodlands Mrt but at 515am! I drove my dad's car (wif dad) but jerking when moving out cus not used to the sensitive brakes (as opposed to BBDC cars)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

NUS Foodie Series (Part1?!)


CURRY CHICKEN NOODLE (In this case, its Guay Tiao / Guo Tiao / Hor Fun)

Price: $1.80 for large, (cant remember wats for small, it was too small for me)

A close-up pic.....

I believed to really enjoy a curry noodle or laksa, its better to have it with a noodle type that absorbs the curry or this case i choose this so I have a spoonful of the noodle and the curry.....SEDAP!

BLOOD DONATION! (another backlog 5/10/07)

Last donated blood when I was in Yishun JC, yr1? (2002). when I saw NUS red cross was having a blood donation drive, why not? since I was stoning in sch anyway, might as well give my O+ blood instead of letting it rot in my slacking self.

I waited abt 30mins for my turn.....but the bag took less than 5 mins to fill! I didnt even warm up the bench! (tok abt high blood pressure)

Nowadays they use this cool colourful bandages to wrap our arms with, instead of the white bandage they had before... The words ,"Give Blood" is all over it. Apparently some of friends told me later when they donated, they asked for their fav colours for the bandage, which didnt occur to me at that time, was too tired, woozy after donating my blood.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NSF / NSmen should be banned from buffets.....

17/9/07 (backlog)

After getting lost in Ubi (where rj drove me to collect my $100 check from the 'spin and win' and failing to get a spot to have lunch at ard 3plus, we decided to head to Toa Payoh for lunch..(using the street directory,im the V-Com - Vehicle Commander-SAF lingo). we decided on SAKAE SUSHI buffet, though the buffet option was on a small small noticeboard on a pillar in the shop, unlike being displayed outside on a window or smething. Two of us decided to ala-carte the sushi plates instead of getting meals.....oh and there is a new pricing system. Youths (age 13-21) get so n so buffet price per pax, and Adults get another price/pax. Sadly we are not youths anymore.......Two hungrey NSmen managed to hit this mark (some plates were missing as they were taken away by the waiteress..)We fin at ard 4plus,when we got back home, it was just in time for dinner....:)

The Best Place to Sleep IS THE LIBRARY

While walking alone the shelves in Central Library, spotted this guy.......beside the talking pts in the shelves........I like to nap in the library..but this guy tops it!