Sunday, July 04, 2010


Last night I went out with Ben and his 3 frens from his GSS exchange, (no idea wats GSS, just tat its not Great Singapore Sale) to Harry's @ Chijmes to watch the match btw Argentina vs Germany. We went too late and there was nary space for us to watch the 3 main screens in the main foyerlike place. Harry's was packed as well so we went next door to Bobby's (i think it was Bobby's). We watched the match on 2 average sized tv screens. Didnt order any drinks, wanted to, but cant be bothered to squeeze thru the crowd and trying to save somewhat. Anw Ben was supposed to meet us at rj place to chill. Instead he slept till 7pm and called me. The night before I already knew that he was going to watch the match. As he was going to drive his dad's Suzuki down, a ride home was an added incentive. We had makana at Thomson Clarity, he hurried down to join us (me rj seb). He parked behind at the small road. As we were walking up the slope, I spotted his car.

Alas such is not his/our fate, so we have to make do:

Took some time to get down, n having not driven to town for sometime, Ben (for my count is ZEro) took a moment to adjust to the roads, the night and rain not helping. We parked at Fort Canning Park and walked to Chijimes. Place was filled with Germans.

We met up with his frens and I spent better part of the evening clapping and hollering. I think i yelled the wrong words in German....anwwwww.....It was amazing that it turned out 4-0, opening goal at the 3rd minute was awesome. One of his friends and I supported Germany, he and the rest supported ya we all knew how it turned out. Match over and it was decided or rather we ended up at Geylang for tau hway (after nearly getting lost and testing Ben's driving skillllss, manual gear btw), cus one of his frens stays there! Listened attentively to their Europe exploits with nothing much to add, besides, I was getting tired (and bored oops) so I started dozing off alittle with a little shuteye movements and blinking (sorry if i appeared aloof n all). Anw it was abt 1plus, and I dont think they got anywhere else to go (i hoped,oops) Ben sent all his frens home, xcept the one which walked home. When I reached home, I recognised a parallel btw the zoo trip with Rj n the 3 girls. There was this physicall parallel as well btw rj n ben's frens, and a car trip for both outings. Such is the ways of life, interesting coincidence.

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ben said...

lol.. toh.. maybe u need to get a car too... i took the car anw coz need to meet u guys first for dinner!