Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Lunch Fun

On most sundays i will be at home, so instead of the usual takeaways, chicken rice, ban mee, etc, I tried something today. Actually I did this once b4, just forgot to mention it. One day I spotted this package of wraps while getting some cereal at NTUC. Wanting to try it, I got some canned tuna and cabbage, being lazy and all. So I just wrapped them up. Suffice it to say, didnt turn out nice. So I thought to try it again this Sunday. Made pasta one Saturday for the whole family. Not bad, needed more sauce, but the canned tomato pasta sauce is pretty ex. Had to get some meat and the mixed veg to add to it, otherwise its just sauce and pasta. Pretty ex. Mum was quite happy to have something diff, but the cost is a turnoff. Well that was then. Now its wraps!

The can of tomato puree...paste...

Grandma insisted on preparing the minced meat, soy sauce and chopped half an onion into the mix and then stir-fry it. Oh you can spot the package of wraps to her left on the counter.

Lettuce, Tomato puree, Minced meat, Japanese cucumber. Will try other sauces next time.

Yay! Tomato puree is quite watery though. Noo I didnt add water...

My brother's, he's the guinea pig as well. Grandma didnt dare to try, though she was quite hyped up in doing something new :P

Quite yummy, gonna try other kind of sauces and stuff, and maybe include more ingredients, haha, but want to keep it simple.

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