Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Signing up on JobStreet is much less emo than signing up on JobsDB. Apparently JobsDB treat you as a machine. When registering, it asks for your job function. Somehow the word 'function' doesnt seem right. Under the scrolled down list, there are Accounting, Admin/HR, Banking/Finance, Beauty Wellness Health Fitness, Building Construction, Design, Education and so forth. Of course the only thing im eligible for is Fresh Meat. Creating a account in Jobstreet is more gratifying as they ask about your education. I was very happy to see that History is available as an option in the field of study. JobsDB is more keen on your work exp / ability. Jobstreet tackle this by asking me to indicate my job preference as well as job location which include regional countries and those further afield. I think JobDB want to separate the Fresh Meat and those with exp, hence its Job Function in the registration. Doing JobDB after Jobstreet, I was expecting a similiar format like the latter, but well guess not. Anw like what Ivan said, I cant really expect a flashing bold search entry term/field that screams FASS History major.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The simple pleasantness of a humming fan keeping one cool, its hypnotic swirling twirling blades. The occasion break in its rhythm, as the motor throbs, its frame trembling then becoming still once more, only for it to do so, as if it was grumbling, about its work and perhaps life around it...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bike Trip to NUS -Double Yellow Lines are meant for cycling...

I had wanted to do this since I enrolled in NUS. Before 07/08 academic yr, I actually managed to reach Jurong East. So now on the pretext of returning a Central Library book that is due on 14 May, I decided to ride to sch. So for quite some time, most of my bike rides are done in non-rainy weather. Today being foolhardy, and knowing my lazy self would probably keep postponing the idea of cycling to sch (done for 3 yrs ya), despite the rain I set off to ride. Bad mistake. I swerved and slide/slip onto the pavement, landed mostly on my right side as the bottle from the right pocket flew up n over me. It cracked and I had to empty it. Fortunately I have two more bottles, but as it turned out I stopped by places to buy drinks instead.

Skinned my left knee. That was just before Marsiling MRT. It was close enough to turn back but I decided against that. Most worrying was the status of my bike. The chain had jammed at the rear wheel but I managed to cleared it. Still I was concerned about the frame, esp the looser structure of the centre suspension spring and frame. Barring any obvious defects (think have to overhaul the bike soon), I cont the journey but not before stopping at the toilet to wash my wound, using the bottle outside the toilet. Washed my greasy hands n the greasy frame of my bike as I had to handle it after fixing the chain. I was complacent and forgotten the golden rule of slowing down on wet surfaces n tyres. The left knee hurt when I was btw Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Gombak. Fortunately I decided to wear my knee support (for running) on my right knee (completely dirtied by the fall) So I switched it to the left, padding it with tissue paper. It helped. (Its bloodied n black so I tossed it after I reached home.

I soldiered on to NUS and returned the library book in the bookdrop. Basically I spent the next hour or so, taking pix of places in sch with the bike (to prove i rode there K!) since I always wondered how issit to ride in sch. It was totally anti-climatic. I was shagged, NUS is full of ridges and fucking hills, so I walked and pushed the bike. I was particularly tired when riding up towards the 96 busstop at the Engr Faculty. My bike doesnt like low gear, only high gear (have to fix that) I was panting, sticking my tongue, shagged face. So this Chinese guy (I think teaching staff) was just staring at me as I was pedalling. It was a gentle slope, so one cant really tell if just standing there. So there I was, pedalling on high gear, low on momentum, up this 'invisible slope' wet and tired. On a Yew Tee-CCK road, I realised I was pedalling with more effort, fearing the chain n gear were damaged. Then I checked the kerb, it was a slope, somehow not evident when cycling. Soon enough (well nt exactly), it leveled out and back to cruising pedalling.

Having fooled around enough in sch (near 7pm), its time to go back. On the outbound trip (from home) I took the Woodlands-Kranji-CCK-Bukit Batok-Jurong East-Clementi route. So I decided on a new route back as I wanted to check the Khansama Tandoori Castle at Biopolis. So the return route is , Buona Vista-Holland V-Holland Road-Farrer Road-Adam Road-Lornie Road-Thomson Road-AMK-YCK-Yishun-etc. Bad mistake. Spent time poring over the Street Directory. Farrer Road is still having some construction since ever, so had to cycle on the road(I try to use the pavement as much as possible, slow but having cars buzzing u is nt exactly cool. It was only 8pm, still alot of cars, unlike the NUS Bike Quests, which start at 9pm, so when one hit the roads the traffic is dying down). Though the pavements are sometimes unlit, so my eyes were staring wide open most of the time. Having used the Bike Quest traffic as a benchmark, I got stuck for quite some time at the Adam Flyover(during the BQ, almost no cars...a few only). Now its rushhour, no zebra crossings or pavement to use. Had to dash across the filter lanes that led out from the main highway. Tiring stuff. Finally got to MacRitchie reservoir, then followed the pavements back home.

Well stopped by near Daryl's place the petrol station. AMK onwards is pretty SOP, just keeping the rthymn going, pumping the legs, taking note of the cramps, switch leg for the main downward stroke. Wary of dark areas. Cursing slopes, getting off to walk. Careful on the downhill, teasing the brakes. Listening to the Ishuffle and the bike creaking at each stroke (the rain washed off the grease/something of the suspension frame, and me being heavy :). Then home at ard 1030pm. So around 8 hours, roundtrip. Knee hurts, ass hurts, sore back, n reddened palms from gripping the handlebars and brakehandles (dunno why, i get this). But accomplished something, though somewhat dubious and unnecessary.

I cant believe its only 58km......


Fancy a Greek house? Totally stunned when a majestic white house loomed b4 me, especially after passing through an industrial estate...

Not the place to be....

Jurong East MRT

Mac @ / near Tradehub21...

Tempted to order something....:)

Break at 96 @ Clementi Interchange

Pause @ 96 busstop after shitty climb

AS7 Shaw Foundation Building

AS7 Com Lab, frequent stopover during schtime

At Arts Canteen aka Deck, couldnt decide, so got 7up n 100plus, then saw the redbull in the fridge behind the uncle...needed a boost....Cycling cocktail!

Arts Camp poster/poser.....Copyright infringement?

The book, bookdrop and Central Lib...cant live without it...:(

Had to do it.

No more exams?

Megabites @ Science Faculty

heheheh, Khansama @ Biopolis....damn ulu siah....

A stretch of Holland V

Unlit pavements...cycling blind...

Adam Flyover.....lots of cars....

Misty night @ Thomson Rd

Locked to the Longkang railing, beside the busstop by the overhead bridge, opposite Khatib MRT. I just had to stop to take the picture.

The said cracked bottle, probably cushioned by the fall, the bag too.... gone now, threw it.

shag....Glad I got the Samsung phone with 8 megapixel camera, clearer pictures now...


What are the chances?


Stoning at the rear end of 96...

Old School


Sign at 4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken,went there after l4d last Sat


Sign in Yishun carpark, on the way to Rj father shop.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Havent been going out lately, so not much to write about. PSP, COMIC, HISTORY BOOK, thats the sequence of 'Things in your hands' when I was on the train the other day, the history book being mine ofcus, n erm after i finished my lame...And that book is from NUS Central Lib, so now i have to go to sch to return it hhaha. I do need to get some working clothes, aka nt jeans.. i cant rem the last time i worn pants so haha.....nvr had a use for them. I will prob miss my sandals once i start working. Miss the slipping out to stretch the foot, wriggling the toes in the open air...feeling the sun on my feet....the chill of the aircon....twiddling the toes of my two feet when im bored......feet scratching....oops not supposed to write that......sighhh.....So nua.....nuanuanua...well its been only a wk since my last why does it feel so long? Issit bcus of the enormity of the path that lies ahead that stretches the time im having? or something else? anxiety? nervousness?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I have the odd sense of deja vu every once awhile. I had it when I went to the new hawker centre near Rj's place. The yellow front of the stall and the view of its immediate surroundings seemed familiar, mind u i have only walked past it before, outside by the road, never walk thru the stalls. Playing a scene in the game Army of Two seemed familiar too, the scene on the screen being framed by the television, at the exact angle i was standing to view it.......
Most of them (the deja vu flashbacks) i suspect are just memories reasserting themselves on everyday scenes, creating a sense of deja vu. But having such sensations when visiting places u never been before is just weird. The Army of Two eg is something like that. I dream alot and most are very plausible day to day scenes, but scenes I have never seen before. Most of us cant control our memories, hence those with photographic memories are most well known. Its just hard to access our memories like that. Time is increasingly not a key factor in retaining our memories, esp in deciding the clarity of each memory. i think there is a threshold, when memories get resolved of their timescale. it kinds of disturb me why some of my memories arent as clear as others despite their relative importance. My memories do not invoke a sense of being / involvement when I tried to relive them. Its like the film camera 'dilemma', u are just viewing a screen, a movie of sorts. And since much of time is now spent on looking at screens and videos of others. Its like ur mind is just viewing the screen of your eyes, the third person sensation. The tune out feeling....